Babe Tribute – Sexy School Girls

It may be a Sunday, but there are still many things we could learn from sexy school girls. Such as that plaid skirts are awesome, button down blouses look best when they are actually being ‘buttoned down,’ and even if her father looks like Dwayne Johnson, we’d still tutor her past midnight.

Babe Tribute – Girl on Girl

Looking over the pages of father time, it has been suggested that the rate of girl on girl action (lesbian, bisexual) has been locked at somewhere around 2% for most of human history. Now, what these numbers don’t tell you, is that this lifestyle was strictly forbidden. Today, it has become much more accepting for […]

Babe Tribute – Her Greatest ASSets

Urbasm salutes the booty, badonkadonk, glutius maximus, heine, and all others rear ends that fit into the category of… a nice ass. If we were to get all psychophilanthropological, we’d have to wonder what makes a perfect ass? I mean, there are just so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Is there really one that […]

Babe Tribute – Beautiful Women

Why do men love beautiful women so damn much? Well, they make us feel all tingly in the pants, feet, lips, and heart… However, beware men, as these photos may be nice to look at, but if you marry one, you’ll constantly be waiting around for her to do her voodoo-cosmetic magic before you’re allowed to […]

Babe Tribute – Sexy Women

We here at Urbasm have been pondering the possibility of bringing a stockpile of “work safe” sexy women to your screen. Instead of just being nudes, these have been carefully chosen to be an example of the classic female anatomy. You know, the kind of stuff you’d see in art class. Well, here she is […]

Babe Tribute – Denise Milani

Hey Denise, what’s it like being crowned the newest hot sexy queen of eroticism? Believe it or not, it takes awhile to find a bikini that fits me and it’s not just because I’m so busty. A g-string bottom that rides just right on my hips is important, and nobody wants a thong between their […]

Sexy Yoga

So, You think yoga is only for girls, hippies, Buddhas, and the “too sensitive” guy? Well… three out of four ain’t bad!

Duct Tape, Tattoo, Fake Boobs, & JWoww

What does a roll of duct tape, a pair of fake boobs, a tattoo, and Jersey Shore’s, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, have in common? Well, apparently then may save the world from people’s voices being silenced, and judging by the reactions this photo has received, we’d say that she’s definitely got some people talking. The NOH8 campaign has been […]

Babe Tribute – Ashley Ann Vickers

There are not many “babes” we would bring home to mom, but Ashley Ann Vickers is about as close as you can get to the perfect specimen. She is a proper Southern Bell, who is a cowboy at heart, and even owns her own ranch with a herd of cattle on it. She has traveled […]

Babe Tribute – Kate Upton

You may be asking yourself, What the heck is Kate Upton doing in a bikini, staring me in the face? Or you might just be wondering where you left the jar of Vaseline? However, we’re going to assume our first guess, and proceed with an explanation. Kate is a self-made Internet phenomenon. Yes, she has […]