Kate Upton Body Paint

What if you gave an artist a pallet of body paint, and laid Kate Upton’s hot naked body before him? Well, after several moments of absolute silence, we’d imagine he would eventually set to work, creating something a little like this.

Babe Tribute – Kate Upton

You may be asking yourself, What the heck is Kate Upton doing in a bikini, staring me in the face? Or you might just be wondering where you left the jar of Vaseline? However, we’re going to assume our first guess, and proceed with an explanation. Kate is a self-made Internet phenomenon. Yes, she has […]

Kate Upton boobs

We know what you’re here for, but first, the remarkable discovery that Kate Upton’s boobs have proven the golden ratio. Now that we have that out of the way, for more of hot Kate Upton keep scr0lling down. Name: Kate Upton Bra size: 34D Height: 5 ft 10 in Weight: n/a Occupation: Model, actress OK, where’s the […]