Women We Love – Lisa Ramos

Lisa Ramos is one of the few women who could tease Kate Upton, and walk away with over 5 million nods of approval on YouTube. She is a simple girl from Queens, New York, who also happens to have some pretty big dreams. Dreams that include being one of America’s Top Models, and giving thousands […]

SI Celebrates 50 Years of Beautiful Women in Swimsuits

50 years ago the Beatles Invaded America, and America made plans to invade Vietnam. Little black & white portable televisions were gaining popularity, along with a major movement called Civil Rights. Despite all this excitement, the winter months in the US were usually a little slow for the magazine, Sports Illustrated. To boost lagging sales, […]

Babe Tribute – Black Bikinis

The contrast that is created by a black bikini on a sexy body is absolutely amazing. We could get philosophical about our reasoning. However, we’d rather just show you what we mean.

Kate Upton Body Paint

What if you gave an artist a pallet of body paint, and laid Kate Upton’s hot naked body before him? Well, after several moments of absolute silence, we’d imagine he would eventually set to work, creating something a little like this.

Hottie of the Week – Kate Upton

You may be asking yourself, What the heck is Kate Upton doing in a bikini, staring me in the face? Or you might just be wondering where you left the jar of Vaseline? However, we’re going to assume our first guess, and proceed with an explanation. Kate is a self-made Internet phenomenon. Yes, she has […]

Women We Love – Kate Upton Golden Ratio

We know what you’re here for, but first, the remarkable discovery that Kate Upton’s breasts (a.k.a. boobs) have proven the golden ratio. Now that we have that out of the way, keep scrolling down. Name: Kate Upton Bra size: 34D Height: 5 ft 10 in Weight: n/a Occupation: Model, actress OK, where’s the Kate Upton pics? And […]

Best Breasts of 2012

It has been a great year, and whether you like them perky, hand-sized, nestled in a string bikini, or exploding from an evening gown, Urbasm has hand picked some of the biggest and best breasts of 2012. We’re talking about the memorable mammories of Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bar Rafaelli, Eva Mendes, Gemma Adkinson, Genevieve Morton, […]