Babe Tribute – Black Bikinis

The contrast that is created by a black bikini on a sexy body is absolutely amazing. We could get philosophical about our reasoning. However, we’d rather just show you what we mean.

Babe Tribute – Hot Blondes

We’ve read the research, and apparently what the average male wants is an average brunette with a great personality. Well, Oprah fans, we hear you. However, we’d like to take our own survey. Guys, would you really pass up an opportunity to get with one of these hot blondes, to take a nice brunette out to dinner with your […]

How to Speak Blonde?

Having a hard time communicating with your blonde co-workers? Do you know what needs done, but don’t know how to say it without confusing them? Here is a list of common actions and phrases to make your life a whole lot easier. “After finding your way out of the building, you’re going to have to […]