Max’s Hot Clicks – The Perfect Butt

What is the infatuation with women in yoga pants, girls in yoga pants, and girls not wearing any pants? Well, it is one of the few parts on a sexy woman that is a uniquely feminine trait. According to research, the gaze of a “butt man” always starts and finishes in a woman’s ‘end’ zone, […]

Morning Link Dump – August 14, 2013

We open todays dump with a series of important questions. What is the shortest male erection ever to be recorded? 1.75-inches. What are the most common artifacts found underneath roller coasters? Wallets, eyeglasses, change, and bras. Could a fart ever amount to the devastating properties of a weapon of mass destruction? Yes, if you collected […]

Babe Tribute – Her Greatest ASSets

Urbasm salutes the booty, badonkadonk, glutius maximus, heine, and all others rear ends that fit into the category of… a nice ass. If we were to get all psychophilanthropological, we’d have to wonder what makes a perfect ass? I mean, there are just so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Is there really one that […]

10 Best Celebrity Body Parts

A recent study has suggested that men identify women by their body parts. In other words, if you have great legs, a guy may remember your name, but he will classify you in his memory banks as the woman with the gorgeous walking sticks. This started us thinking, and we scoured our brains for some […]