Sweater Puppies

Sometimes it’s not about how much skin you show, but how you wear it. A sweater can be sexy, and classy at the same time. Usually it requires showing some cleavage, but a tight one also helps define the sweater puppies to create some allure and get guys excited. A woman can also go with a […]

10 Best Celebrity Body Parts

A recent study has suggested that men identify women by their body parts. In other words, if you have great legs, a guy may remember your name, but he will classify you in his memory banks as the woman with the gorgeous walking sticks. This started us thinking, and we scoured our brains for some […]

Women’s Breasts: Can One Size Fit All?

It’s the age old question… How big is too big, or is there no limit? Do men prefer a handful, a heaping handful, or a vacant space where one hand can hold both breasts and still have room for a remote? I hate to disappoint by not giving a definitive answer, but it really just […]