How to Introduce Your Girl to Kinky Sex

Sometimes a beautiful woman does not always know what she wants. Taking charge may be the only way to introduce her to pleasures she has never considered. However, just dropping in bed one evening with a whip and box of gerbils is not highly recommended. Here are a few ways to get a girl interested […]

Babe Tribute – Her Greatest ASSets

Urbasm salutes the booty, badonkadonk, glutius maximus, heine, and all others rear ends that fit into the category of… a nice ass. If we were to get all psychophilanthropological, we’d have to wonder what makes a perfect ass? I mean, there are just so many shapes and sizes to choose from. Is there really one that […]

How to Approach Your Girl for Anal

A lot of guys want to ask their girl to try anal sex. However, few know how to do this successfully, and even fewer know how to go about it without causing a permanent red “X” to appear on her backside. If you really want to get somewhere with this request, don’t trust what your […]