How to Approach Your Girl for Anal

A lot of guys want to ask their girl to try anal sex. However, few know how to do this successfully, and even fewer know how to go about it without causing a permanent red “X” to appear on her backside. If you really want to get somewhere with this request, don’t trust what your friends say, you need some sexpert advice from a real woman.

Miyoko Fujimori is a suburban soccer mom; strip tease coach, anal sex advocate, and host of the hit talk show, Night Calls 411, for Playboy TV. Fujimori believes that almost every woman can be persuaded into anal. “This is the number one thing men ask advice on,” says Fujimori. “It is unfortunate that this is an area that is highly unrepresented.” (However, Urbasm is about to change that)

What Type of Girls Like it?
“You would think the majority of women buy small, nondescript vibrators,” says Fujimori. “However, it is the more obscure toys that women are drawn to,” such as those of the backdoor variety. Where are the majority of these toys are sold? According to Fujimori, they are most popular among the ‘late night’ home shopping networks along the US bible belt. “Why not a big 13-inch dong they can shove up their butt,” exclaims Fujimori.

Well, what if your girl does not seem interested in a 13-inch dong, or even your 7-inches?

How to Approach Your Girl for Anal?
It is the experienced women (having been in several long-term relationships) who will be easiest to coax. “They realize that pleasure has to do with all parts of their body, and they are willing to explore that,” says Fujimori. “When it comes to sex, women are actually very basic—There are very few women who would be opposed to trying something new.”

The first rule is to ask for her permission and make this request as sincere as possible. Most guys go into this venture expecting, no, for an answer. However, if you ask with confidence, she may be a bit hesitant, but will probably agree to a trial run.

‘Back Door’ Tips from Miyoko
Here is a list of tips to ensure that your first time does not end in frustration or permanent hurt feelings.

  • “Be very nurturing and patient.” Don’t allow yourself to get impatient or frustrated, or she will too. Once this happens, the mood will be burnt, and you’ll be on your way to the bathroom with a girly magazine tucked under your arm.

  • “Start by massaging the area to allow it to relax.” This is very important to ensure that any pain involved will be minimal.

  • “Invite her to play with herself for a bit.” Sometimes the best way to understand the pleasure derived from anal play is to have her do a little experimentation for herself.

  • “Lube is essential and your saliva is not going to cut it.” Purchase the good stuff (Maximus, Wet Platinum, etc.). This is not a good time to be a cheapskate.

  • “Don’t force it, if it doesn’t work out, move onto something else.”

  • “Allow her to be in total control of the movement.” You may be excited to get rocking, but you will fare much better if you begin with no motion at all.

  • “Don’t pull out too quickly, or it could make her feel unsexy like she’s going to the bathroom.”

  • Most importantly, make sure you know what you’re doing, “Because if you do it, and she hates it—You’re never going back!”

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How to Approach Your Girl for Anal Sex

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Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.

About Doc Hollandaise

Lover, fighter, and bona fide sex expert.