9 Reasons She Thinks You’re Selfish in Bed

If you haven’t picked up a lady’s magazine in a while, you may not realize that a lot of women think you’re lazy in bed. Okay, so it may not be you necessarily, but there are a lot of complaints going out to men in general. A quick way to know if you’re in the clear is to check out this list of popular complaints and if you don’t see yourself anywhere – then carry on our good man… carry on.

1.  Mr. One Position

We know, not every sex position is as good as another, but women really hate when a man pulls out the same position again and again just because it works for him. Women want you to care what works for them, and that may mean getting a little out of your comfort zone (literally).

2. Stunted Initiation

After a man has been turned down for sex enough times, he may get the idea that it is just better to let her initiate. And this makes sense – other than the fact that most women keep track and consider your lack of effort a sign of manipulation, punishment, cheating, and just being really lazy.

3. Lube Excuse-

Almost every man has figured out that the quickest way to minimize foreplay is to use lube. It’s a glorious time saver, other than the fact that most women already know that trick and don’t really appreciate it. So, there is nothing wrong with bringing some lube to the party, but at least put a little effort into getting some of the natural stuff on tap.

4. Ego Trip

It is a fantastic ego trip to make a woman howl like a banshee, but if you’re only in it for the glory, she is going to figure it out eventually. According to women, there is a difference between working hard to make her happy and overworking to make yourself look good. There is a fine line between the two, but we’re sure you can figure that out on your own.

5. Star Player

Men can turn almost everything into a competition, including knocking boots. But women are not into that kind of competition, as they see sex as more of a team effort. You just have to get the idea… there are no losers in sex as long as your partner is happy with the team’s effort. Share everything 50/50, including initiating, taking charge, and coming up with new and innovative ways to keep things fresh.

6. Booty Call

What could possibly be wrong with the innocent call for some booty? Well, according to women, they think it is a way for a man to selfishly enjoy sex for himself without taking her feelings and needs into consideration. In short, this means that you need to earn that booty with an invitation that speaks class and charisma – not just, “Wanna hook up?”

7. Orgasm Hog

Women say that men don’t think an orgasm is that big of a deal – until they are the ones who are missing out on it. And they’ve got a good point, so don’t be an orgasm hog. Just keep in mind that women also don’t like when a man repeats, “Did you? Are you there yet?” over and over again, as it ruins the mood. Instead, pay attention to the physical signs (breathing, breast swell… you get the picture), and this will let her know that you care as much about her big O as you do your own.

8. Mr. Impatient-

When a man has sex on the mind, he also has his mind on that glorious finish line. And if a woman’s ‘bits’ stop negotiating, it can make a guy feel pretty frustrated. But resist the urge to share those frustrations, because women like a man who is understanding and patient during these matters.

9. Good for the Gander is Good for the Goose-

Almost every man likes receiving oral, but not every guy is into giving it. The problem is, you can’t take without giving, as most women see that as being quite unfair (and yes, very lazy). How bad do you want it? What are you willing to do to make sure that the tap never runs dry? Yeah, I thought you’d see it her way.

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