How to Introduce Your Girl to Kinky Sex

Sometimes a beautiful woman does not always know what she wants. Taking charge may be the only way to introduce her to pleasures she has never considered. However, just dropping in bed one evening with a whip and box of gerbils is not highly recommended. Here are a few ways to get a girl interested […]

Sexy Halloween Costumes We Wished Our Girlfriends Would Wear

Some guys have that girlfriend who wears something sexy every Halloween, and looks absolutely fantastic in it. Then there us guys who only wish our girlfriend was able to pull something like that off. These are a few of the sexy costumes we are trying to get our girlfriends to wear, although it is doubtful […]

Babe Tribute – Sexy Cosplay

What guy hasn’t thought about storming a castle with Xena the Warrior Princess, or foiling the Jokers plot with Catwoman, and then going home to peel each others sweaty latex off and kiss each others wounds. Sexy cosplay is like celebrating Halloween all year long, or partaking in S&M without the bruising, dried candle wax, […]