The Adventurer’s Toolkit: Essential Camping Gear Every Man Needs

Going on a camping excursion requires a feeling of experience as well as a thoroughly examined plan, particularly concerning packing. For men who try to mix enjoyment with the ability to survive in nature, certain things are non-debatable. From cutting-edge gadgets that ensure safety and efficiency to simple tools that can make or break the […]

GravaStar Sirius P5: Awesome Sound, Futuristic Design, Interchangeable Armour

If you prefer simplicity and functionality grounded by the limitations of earth, the GravaStar Sirius P5 is probably not for you. Okay, we’ll wait until that group of audiophiles has left the room. And now that it is just you and I… let’s get down to some funky, futuristic, and outa-this-world kind of awesomeness. Did […]

How Running Can Improve Personal Health And Wellness

Out of all the exercises out there, running is one of the most popular, along with walking and jogging. The thing that makes running an appealing activity for many is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can also do it in groups or do it solo with your dog. Best of all, […]

7 Books That Will Change Your Life

No matter who you are or where you’re headed, there are two looming roadblocks that can stop you. One is a lack of confidence in your abilities, and two is a lack of knowledge. The reason that the human race has become such a staggering power over the earth is because of our unique ability […]

How to Prepare for Divorce Like a Real Man

Going through a divorce is one of the most challenging things in the world” And it’s definitely a scenario nobody wants for their future. However, divorces occur today more than ever, and the number of people who go decide to do this is staggering. Preparing for this step is hard, and the thing is that […]

10 Best Fight Movies To Know

Sometimes a guy just wants to sit around, drink some beers, and see a good boxing, martial arts or MMA movie where people kick some ass.  We don’t judge, we’ve all been there. So we put together a list of our top 10 favorite fight movies for the next time that moment comes. If you […]

Sex Research, Mindf*cks, and the Classic Alpha Male

Every guy needs a break once in a while, even from Urbasm. So we bring to you another roundup of a few things guys should be reading. Hey, we can’t do it all ourselves now can we? 12 Mindf*ck Movies Every Guy Should See Sexual research that is arousingly interesting What Women Have to Deal […]

Sex, Confidence, Respect and Other Insights to Happiness

Knowledge is at the core of every great legacy that has ever been celebrated. And so we estimate that somewhere within this next 3 minutes you will grow to become an even better man than you are right now. And at the price of free, we think that is a pretty fantastic payoff. We’ve discovered […]

Man Travels – Canada Expedition Edition

Our great white neighbor to the north otherwise known as Canada is a vast land of postcard scenery, outdoor adventure and hospitable people. From coast to coast there’s plenty to see and do. For such a large country it might not have the largest cities, or many of them, but between cities like Toronto, Vancouver, […]

This Minutes Workout Will Shred Your Entire Body in 30

30 what? Thirty minutes. But don’t get too caught up in the number, as this workout isn’t worried about the numbers – it is more focused on results. And isn’t that what you’re really looking for? Most workout sessions are controlled by sets and reps. You decide on a number for each, and then follow […]