Man Travels – Canada Expedition Edition

Our great white neighbor to the north otherwise known as Canada is a vast land of postcard scenery, outdoor adventure and hospitable people. From coast to coast there’s plenty to see and do. For such a large country it might not have the largest cities, or many of them, but between cities like Toronto, Vancouver, […]

Man Travels – Destination: British Columbia

A great destination can be either forged from iron, sweat, and modern engineering, or it is hand carved by Mother Nature, herself. British Columbia is a hikers dream, a dreamer’s getaway, and the last place you’d ever want to see lights, glam, skyscrapers, and gambling. Not that these are bad things, but even the hardcore […]

Happy Canada Day From Urbasm

To our reader’s from Canada, we’d like to say Happy Canada Day. Depending who you speak to, some of Canada’s greatest exports might have been Wayne Gretzky, Neil young, or Jim Carey. Some might even bring up Shannon Tweed, Keannu Reeves, or William Shatner. However, out of respect for this great country, let’s not tarnish […]