Women We Love – Hot Country Girls

Even if you’re a city guy, there’s something about sexy hot country girls. From their daisy dukes to a subtle but flirtatious style, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. There’s no reason it has to end here. Keep scrolling for more hot country girls. These almost naked busty beauties show you what being a sexy […]

Inside Look at Treats! Magazine’s Annual White Party

We’re fans of Treats! Magazine and their editor and founder, Steve Shaw, and we’ve been curious about what goes on behind the doors at one of their Malibu beach parties. This year the rules were quite simple: One, wear white. Two, drink Stella Artois, and three, how much white you wear is negotiable if the other […]

Men’s Health Box – Awesome, Not Themed

We prefer our martini’s shaken, not stirred, and our monthly boxes awesome, but not necessarily themed.” One dollar a day can buy you a cup of cheap coffee, a cheap beer, a bottle of cheap shampoo, or a cheap thrill from a lottery ticket. The main point here is that whatever you get – it will probably […]

Dr. Jess O’Reilly on What Every Man Should Know About Sex

Every man experiences only a few special women in his lifetime. These are the kind of women who bring out the best in your appearance, confidence, energy, and everything you do. And when you do run across one of these opportunities, we suggest to be prepared to make her happy – otherwise, some other man […]

Women That Blew Up The Internet

Explosions are awesome, but we particularly like the causation behind some of the biggest ones recorded in history. We’re talking about a few of the most well-proportioned bikini bods who also happen to mimic the silhouette of one of the sexiest and most combustive muscle cars of the 1960’s – a Chevrolet Corvette split window. […]

Women We Love – Xena Kai

Kai Lansangan, also known as Xena Kai, is a model often seen at the import car shows. Her 32G-25-35 curves on a 5’2” frame of Filipino descent from California reminds us of the song California Girls, because we wish more were like her.  

Man’s Quest for the Best Smart Remotes

Owning the most awesome television in existence is an accomplishment to any man. But without a proper remote, it’s a bit like purchasing a Bugatti Veyron without a steering wheel. A smart remote isn’t just a convenience gadget to help push the buttons that are already on your TV. It’s more like hiring a qualified […]

One Remote for All Your Gadgets – The Logitech Harmony Elite

You own a lot of cool gadgets, including your television, electric window shades, game system, lights and thermostat… but wouldn’t it be great if you could run all these from one convenient and mantastic location? Logitech has recently unloaded their Harmony Elite Remote onto the market, and you now have at least 270,000 fewer reasons to get […]

The Round Up – Dressed For Success

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” —Arthur Ashe, Professional Tennis Player 10 heritage timepieces for the modern man 5 Menswear Looks That Are Always In Style 19th Century Calling Cards Guaranteed to Score You a Date 10 Value Packed Podcasts for Entrepreneurs You […]

Turn Urban Noise Pollution into Sound Sleep with the Cloud Light

Having a little rain cloud in your life seems so much better when you’re in full control of it. Introducing the interactive cloud by the Richard Clarkson Art & Design Laboratory. It includes a realistic thunder light show and speaker system to mimic the sight and sounds of a passing thunderstorm. The cloud light can […]