Men’s Health Box – Awesome, Not Themed


Yeah, you do get a pile of crumpled paper as part of your subscription – but there is also plenty of goodness waiting underneath.

We prefer our martini’s shaken, not stirred, and our monthly boxes awesome, but not necessarily themed.”

One dollar a day can buy you a cup of cheap coffee, a cheap beer, a bottle of cheap shampoo, or a cheap thrill from a lottery ticket. The main point here is that whatever you get – it will probably be cheap. Or you could save up that $1 a day, invest it smart, and one day become a millionaire. Okay, that second option does sound pretty good, so what we propose is to spend $2 a day, one going towards your savings, and the other towards one of the quarterly curated boxes by Men’s Health. That $1 adds up to 90 days of waiting and one box of goodness. But is it worth it?

What You Get?

We are huge fans of monthly and quarterly men’s boxes, but some are worth a lot more than others. How does the #MHBox stack up against the competition? Well, we can tell you that they’ve done their homework on what most men like, and that falls under the five main man groups, which includes food, grooming, workout, tech and style. You may be into other stuff too, like women, but we’re fairly certain these groups will overlap and help you get one of those [women] in one way or another. And from the sample box we received last week, we’d say they understand the difference between ‘themed stuff’ and ‘curated man gear’.

September’s Box


A portable power bank by Kodiac, Magic Wallet, Lafco soap, Tie Bar necktie and Zing socks.

This month’s box came with a mini portable power bank by Kodiak, a bar of Lafco Soap, Wurkin Stiffs Magic (RFID) Wallet, classic striped Tie Bar Necktie, and a zingy pair of Zing Socks.


Zing nutrition bar, beef jerky, XD aluminum jump rope, moisturizer, GOA face serum and under eye gel.

As we dug deeper we also found a Zing Nutrition Bar, a bag of Fatman’s Beef Jerky (quite good), an XD aluminum jump rope (works fantastic), some Clinique SPF 21 Moisturizer, GOA Face Serum (to get rid of our wrinkles), and Recipe For Men Under Eye Gel (for our weekend drinking binges). That’s over $250 worth of man gear – for the price of $89 a quarter, $30 a month, or just $1 a day.

So we’ve talked it over with the guys (including Pamela), and we’re going to become regular quarterly subscribers. And if you’d like to join us you can save 20% off your introductory box by using code MHBOXMVP20. Get more information here.


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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.