7 Reasons to Watch ‘Stranger Things’ Second Season

I say, “By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!” A young boy vanishes on his way home from a friend’s house. It is 1983, Hawkins, Indiana where Will Byers and his friends have just finished a campaign in a fantasy role-playing game. He rides his bike home like he usually does. […]

The Next Gen is 30! Celebrating the Star Trek Legacy

Where were you in autumn of 1987? That question could be asked of any date in time. If one was a television junkie and especially a science fiction aficionado, then one cannot forget such an important time in history. Thirty years ago Star Trek was reborn and revitalized in the form of a new series. […]

Dashbon Flicks – 100-Inch Mobile Party Boombox Projector

This month Indiegogo has chosen some of their favorite products to promote for the holidays, and we can’t say we’re surprised that the Dashbon Flicks Mobile Party Boombox Projector made the cut. The Flicks offers up a super bright 7000 LED screen that can create a 100-inch image from only 8.4 feet away. The image […]

One Remote for All Your Gadgets – The Logitech Harmony Elite

You own a lot of cool gadgets, including your television, electric window shades, game system, lights and thermostat… but wouldn’t it be great if you could run all these from one convenient and mantastic location? Logitech has recently unloaded their Harmony Elite Remote onto the market, and you now have at least 270,000 fewer reasons to get […]

Serenity Now

We haven’t been this excited about classic TV since we saw the reunion teaser commercial of Seinfeld during last years Superbowl. Introducing a collection of wall quotes designed to keep the frustrations of Jerry, trouble with George, quirky one-liners of Elaine and Kramer (and many other favorite characters) forever in your mind and vocabulary. Remember these? Get […]

Titan Zeus 370-inch 4K TV

Based on some recent research by a couple guys in lap coats stationed outside a bar in a motor home, we can assume that your manhood may not be as big as you would like. Well, we’ve got the perfect home accessory to make up for it, and it does not consist of four wheels. […]

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 4K Television

  Most 55-inch televisions are expanded beyond 100 inches once you start to consider the amount of sound system necessary to make it livable. However, I think we both know that most televisions are not Bang & Olufsen. This BeoVision 4K ultra high definition TV features a 3-channel sound system that is connected to a […]

The Boxee TV Replaces Your Cable Bill

If you are thinking about cutting your cable bills out of the picture completely, and going online for all your entertainment needs, the Boxee TV is not a bad option under many circumstances. The Boxee TV ($100) is a glorified tuner (includes two tuners), so you to watch one show, while recording another. However, rather […]