5 Must-Have Items for a Home Music Studio

Whether you’re a vocalist or even part of a band, the next big step to taking your music to the next level is investing in a music studio. While some people rent out studios, it’s more convenient to have one right in your home. If you’re serious about your music, playing in the garage just […]

The Future of Sound Is 360 degrees

For the true audiophile, a loudspeaker is one of the most important components to any quality home entertainment system. Some companies like Bang & Olufsen get this, and it likely influences their approach to creating impressive sound staging and clarity. Bang & Olufsen claim the BeloLab 90 loudspeaker will change the future of sound. The result is an array […]

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Moment Plays Music to Match Your Mood

We like the sound behind Bang & Olufsen, but we don’t always want to listen to our own music… and sometimes we don’t really like the music chosen for us by online sources. We’re a difficult bunch to please, we know—but at least we know that Bang & Olufsen understands us. The Beosound Moment is […]

Jookbox – Allows Everyone to be the DJ

A socially curated party play mix used to consist of people hauling their giant CD books around to parties. And then MP3’s came into play and made the process a bit more convenient (at least for the biceps). Today, we are about to introduce you to the next realm of social party play, called the […]

Breathe New Life Into Your Speakers with a Rocki WiFi Media Player

Good things do occasionally come in interesting packages, and the Rocki wifi streaming media player is one of them. It is about the length of a credit card, maybe just a bit thicker than the key remote on your vehicle, and looks like a figure from your 8th grade Geometry class. It also comes with […]

Manly Distractions – Retro-Tech Stereos

Vinyl is the real deal. I’ve always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don’t really own the album. And it’s not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive.” -Jack White   Check out More Awesome Retro Tech Here.

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision Avant 4K Television

  Most 55-inch televisions are expanded beyond 100 inches once you start to consider the amount of sound system necessary to make it livable. However, I think we both know that most televisions are not Bang & Olufsen. This BeoVision 4K ultra high definition TV features a 3-channel sound system that is connected to a […]

Naim Muso Makes Art Out Of Wireless Sound Technology

The design of the Muso is distinctly Bentley, and the technology is absolutely brilliant. Introducing the most beautiful piece of wireless equipment your home or bachelor pad has probably ever seen. Naim is a high-end audio specialist from UK, who is renowned for their speaker technology found in the luxury car brand—Bentley. The Naim Muso […]

Armin Van Buuren Approved, Phillips M1X-DJ

Here’s a sneak peak at an upcoming portable DJ sound system. The Phillips M1X-DJ is a combination iPad dock and mixing deck with a kick. It features two platters, a link to the popular Djay 2 app, an 80-watt amplifier, and an impressive amount of control over your mixes. DJ Armin Van Buuren has signed […]

Harman Kardon MAS 102 Stereo System

Compact sound systems can be found in just about every discount department store in existence. However, if your ears are more tuned to quality rather than budget quality, Harman Kardon has a compact sound system for you. We first noticed the MAS a couple months ago, and after doing some comparison shopping, we’ve fallen in […]