Fortified Guarantees Their Bikes Stay Yours – Or They’ll Send You a New One


Feast your eyes on the one bicycle that could survive a polar vortex, monsoon, pavement poured with nails or 10 years parked in the center of Amsterdam (a place where an awful lot of bikes get stolen). This is the ultimate urban bicycle built from lightweight 6061 aluminum. It is ‘Fortified’ with a zinc chain, waterproof seat, puncture resistant tires, U-Lock and anti-theft bolts that cover everything from its tires to its handlebars. Each bike is also registered to be yours – for a lifetime.

Fortified Invincible Bike

The experts at Fortified have covered every aspect of what urban bicycle ownership should be and designed a street warrior worthy of the urban battlefield. How do we know? Because this should truly be the last bike you will ever own – and they guarantee that with the simple promise that should anyone ever find a way to bypass all this serious security hardware, they will send you a new one within 24-hours (you pay the shipping).

How many thousands of dollars would you imagine this kind of peace of mind to be worth? Try anywhere from $399 (single speed) to $949 (8-speed). The finished bikes are estimated to make it to your door by May of 2016 should they receive their pledged goal of $100,000. And with 44 days to go and over $75,000 already in the bank, we’d say it’s pretty much a done deal. Check out their Kickstarter page here.

And Fortified does more than just build bullet-proof bicycles. They also design killer bike lights and security devices to beef up your current ride. And if you use the discount code: URBASM, you can get 25 percent off any purchase of gear, so don’t be shy – click here.