Ethnotek Makes a True Handcrafted Camera Bag

A camera bag can be a lot of things, including high tech design, high tech fabrics, and the highest praise from some celebrity endorser. But where is all the personality in that? Ethnotek is a cool startup that collaborates with artisans around the world to bring you handmade weaves and quality craftsmanship in a camera […]

Olympus Air A01 – There’s a Professional Camera Hidden in Your Smartphone

Well, it’s not exactly hidden, as you’re going to need to purchase an Olympus Air A01 Smartphone Lens to make it happen. But once you do, a world of photographic bliss will be at your fingertips. It features a 16-megapixel MOS Micro Four Thirds sensor, a quick AF system, and an on-board Micro SD card to […]

Netatmo – Supersleuth Connected Camera in a Can

The Netatmo Welcome Connected Camera is far more than a security camera for your home. It is an intelligent camera that does the investigating for you, so that you don’t even need to review the video footage to know what’s going on in your home. It can recognize when gates, doors and windows have been […]

Size Matters When It Comes To Your Favorite Tech

For decades, the folks in white jackets (and some in off-white straight jackets) have been trying to understand the relationship between size and a happy customer. Well, according to most industry standards, size matters. In fact, I’d not hesitate to say that it matters a lot—under the right circumstances. The key to size is knowing […]