Star Wars – Rebels Season 1 Review

It has been fourteen years since the Clone Wars ended and the Empire took hold of the galaxy. No one has seen nor heard from the Jedi since then. These once prominent and plentiful peacekeepers have passed into the stuff of legends and folk lore. As the series opens, the Empire is beginning to tighten […]

Size Matters When It Comes To Your Favorite Tech

For decades, the folks in white jackets (and some in off-white straight jackets) have been trying to understand the relationship between size and a happy customer. Well, according to most industry standards, size matters. In fact, I’d not hesitate to say that it matters a lot—under the right circumstances. The key to size is knowing […]

Hemlock Grove Review: A Netflix Series to Sink Your Teeth Into

(9 out of 10 Stars) I have a show which should not be missed. Hemlock Grove is a Netflix original series. Netflix has gone all out with this one showing that they are serious about entering the race and becoming a channel to consider. Instead of being a warehouse of reruns and rare and hard […]