Secure USB For Tech Warriors

Carrying data on a USB is always useful, but if you ever lost your portable drive it could be a nightmare if it fell in the wrong hands. Now you can get a secure option with the Toshiba encrypted USB flash drive with a built in keypad to lock out prying eyes and keep your […]

Tiny Mansions

The term, “mansion” has been used to describe many things throughout history, including a building of sheer mass, size, beauty and luxury. But is it possible to fit enough comfort and design into a space of less than 2,000 square feet to deserve to be called ‘Tiny Mansion’? We think so, and here’s our proof: […]

When Fashion and Function Meet

It’s not often that style, functionality, and downright rugged manliness are combined. The Leatherman Tread Multitool is just that. A bracelet multi-tool that you wear on your wrist, while looking good in the process. The includes 25 tools, including screwdrivers, box wrenches, a cutting hook, a bottle opener and more within arms reach. When a man is all […]

Interior Design With Character

If you find drywall boring and care to spruce up your humble abode with the character of brick for an uber hipster look, now you can choose from an assortment of realistic wallpapers to get the job done. Choose from weathered or decayed brick to modern concrete texture looks on your choice of light, medium […]

Winecoat – Box Wine For Gentlemen

When it comes to class and sophistication, the box wine is seriously lacking. However, in the practicality department it makes a lot of sense, so here’s one alternative. This Winecoat offers up a sturdy base and flexible nylon top that will fit any standard 31 Bag-in-Box wine. All you do is take the wine bag […]

Awesome Wine Cellars for Small Spaces

Tonight there will be thousands of wine bottles opened, and champagne glasses tipped in celebration of the new year. When tomorrow roles around, many of us will need to make a trip to the liquor store to restock the small wine rack sitting on the counter. But there is another way. What if you could […]

Awesome Bachelorette Pad

Riddle me this: What kind of celebrity singer/actress would hold herself up in a $22 million, 6,200 square-foot N.Y.C. bachelorette pad with oak floors and bright white walls? Hint: She is definitely going to appreciate the built-in ‘smart’ control that will allow her to dim lights and turn down the heat whenever her twins get […]

The Roundup – Sex, Tech and Moustaches

  If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one” (Oppenheimer). If only one sun burst, that would become the splendor of good sex and a cold beer (unknown).

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium

Your traditional 25-gallon aquarium has just received a bump in style. Aquavista specializes in creating life through what is normally associated with pixels and modern technology. The Panoramic Wall Aquarium is a plasma TV inspired design, which offers a full six-feet of aquatic viewing pleasure. It hangs on your wall in the same fashion as […]

Phorce Pro – Power All Your Gadgets With Your Briefcase

Battery backup systems like Mophie make the world go round, but they don’t do much for helping you carry all your devices. To be fair, most backup systems are meant to get the job done (power your stuff) and nothing more. The problem is… the bigger the backup battery system is, the more obvious it […]