Phorce Pro – Power All Your Gadgets With Your Briefcase


Battery backup systems like Mophie make the world go round, but they don’t do much for helping you carry all your devices. To be fair, most backup systems are meant to get the job done (power your stuff) and nothing more.

The problem is… the bigger the backup battery system is, the more obvious it becomes that it is bulging from your coat pocket, or hanging out of your briefcase. The Phorce Pro is a stylish bag fitted with 26,000 mAh of lithium-ion power, which Phorce claims is enough to charge your laptop one time, your iphone 5S 14-times, or up to three devices at once.

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It features a Smart Power Core that supplies the correct voltage for any device, and stops charging once it senses your device is ready to go. It will even call your cell phone if you’ve unknowingly left it behind.

You can install a free app that will tell you how much battery power remains at any given time. It will also tell you how much time is left before any of your connected devices are fully charged.


It does look pretty fantastic, can alternate between a briefcase, messenger bag, and backpack, and is compatible with your PC, Mac and more. It also comes with a worldwide travel charger with four plugs (USA, EU, UK, Asia).

Get yours here.

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