Tiny Mansions

Tiny Mansion 2

The term, “mansion” has been used to describe many things throughout history, including a building of sheer mass, size, beauty and luxury. But is it possible to fit enough comfort and design into a space of less than 2,000 square feet to deserve to be called ‘Tiny Mansion’?

We think so, and here’s our proof:

Tiny Mansion 3

This one is free-floating and can be relocated to any available water front location.


Tiny Mansion 5

Nice view.


Tiny Mansion 4

Tiny Mansion 4b

This is about as simple as they come, but once you have a look inside; you can see that its elements of space and design are incredibly well-executed.


Tiny Mansion 6

There is something to be said about the advantage of height in any space, no matter how small.