Luxurious and Impenetrable: The Zombie Proof Bachelor Pad

The safest home in the world is not the Camp 22 Concentration Camp in North Korea, Al Capone’s Miami mansion, or the U.S. White House. No, these “homes” depend too much on human interaction to keep them safe, which means their weakest point weighs on the inevitability of human error. If you’ve ever watched enough […]

Discussing Manly Stuff with Pete Nelson of TreeHouse Masters

This week we pull up a tree stump next to Pete Nelson, a poet, master craftsman, and the host of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. And when you talk to a man like Pete – well, that’s when you tend to discuss a lot of manly stuff, including finding your success, treehouses that could kill you, carbon fiber, and […]

VIPP Shelter – Designer Home in a Box

We’ve been big fans of the simplicity and elegance of shipping container homes for a long time. The only problem is finding the designer who can draft your vision, collect the materials and make it all come to life. But what if building your next home, cabin or office space was as easy as ordering a pair […]

Luxury Ecocapsule Home – Off the Grid, Self Sufficient and Ready to Relocate in Minutes

You know what is the problem with most compact luxury homes? They are still too big to travel with at a moments notice. And the problem with most luxury trailer homes is that they are too reliant on the things which make them luxurious, including electricity and water. Sure, they can hold water in a […]

The Gentleman’s Loft – Living Without Boundaries Part 2

The last time we discussed gentleman’s lofts, we ended with a series of classy examples. And then we remembered that just because you prefer to walk a straight line among the finer things, doesn’t mean that your living space has to abide by the same restrictions. In fact, if you ever have the opportunity to […]

The Gentleman’s Loft – Living Without Boundaries

A loft was once defined as an inexpensive living area designed without boundaries as to the use of its space. In particular, they were meant to be functional for both business and pleasure (i.e. work and play), and were very popular with the artsy crowd. Today, the urban gentleman has taken a great interest in […]

Awesome Tree Houses – Not Just For Boys

Man has always marveled at the concept of flight and height. So much that he is often driven to create architectural masterpieces that reach high into the sky, such as the sky garage penthouse. But there is also a way for the average man to scale down the high rise tower of the urban landscape into […]

Awesome Wine Cellars for Small Spaces

Tonight there will be thousands of wine bottles opened, and champagne glasses tipped in celebration of the new year. When tomorrow roles around, many of us will need to make a trip to the liquor store to restock the small wine rack sitting on the counter. But there is another way. What if you could […]

Hobbit Huts Become New Luxury in Home Design

What is luxury living to you? Is it a combination of technology, limited materials, expensive design, intricate details, and sterile innovation? We’d like to challenge this thinking, suggesting that luxury should rather be artistic, simple, useful, and absolutely beautiful in a completely imperfect way. Small may be the new awesome in home design, but size […]

20 Most Incredible Container Homes Known to Man

The above container home may appear moderate in size, yet if you calculate the area of each of its six containers, it is likely providing around 3,000 square feet of wide open living space. This is because for every two containers that are pushed together, it becomes the equivalent of a 1,000 square foot house. […]