VIPP Shelter – Designer Home in a Box


We’ve been big fans of the simplicity and elegance of shipping container homes for a long time. The only problem is finding the designer who can draft your vision, collect the materials and make it all come to life. But what if building your next home, cabin or office space was as easy as ordering a pair of designer socks online?


The creative minds at VIPP have come up with a living space solution for a busy man’s lifestyle. It begins with a set of plans for a 592 square foot living space, including a bedroom, bed loft, bathroom, office/living room and hallway.


It comes complete with all the necessities, like water, heat (fireplace), electricity, a full set of kitchen appliances and designer furniture that is not just (included)… but necessary (mandatory) to completing the overall look and feel of your new living headquarters.


It is built in Copenhagen, Denmark and then delivered to anywhere in the world. This is what we’d call a true ‘click-key’ process, as the only heavy lifting you’re expected to do during this home buying experience, is pack your own bag and drive yourself to the location once it’s ready (approximately 6 months).

We want one.

Click, order, pay, and point out your next living space here.


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