Shipping Container Architecture – is There Anything They Can’t Build

The shipping container is one of the most versatile objects in the world. It is strong, relatively light, naturally insulating, fireproof, inexpensive and stackable. You just know there is a group of guys right now sitting around a conference table wondering what they should build next. Well, here are a couple examples of what is either on the way or has already been crossed off the list.

Shipping Container Skyscraper 3

Apartment complex.

Shipping Container home 7

Shipping Container home 20

Shipping container homes 19

Shipping Container home 23

Shipping Container home 18

Shipping Container Apartments 4




Fancier bridge.

Shipping Container home 30


container garden


Shipping Container pool

Yes, that is a sealed shipping container below those boards.


Shipping containers were made to be on the go… so why not make them portable.

Shipping Container home 9

Beauty can be found in the simplest of things.

It is just all a matter of how you ‘stack them up’.


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