Top 7 Gadgets You Can Control With Your Phone

  The title of this piece was originally going to be something like, “What your gadgets really say about you.” I was going to talk about how some people have become so reliant on their devices that they have them with them almost every second of the day, including in bed while they sleep. Let’s […]

Breathe New Life Into Your Speakers with a Rocki WiFi Media Player

Good things do occasionally come in interesting packages, and the Rocki wifi streaming media player is one of them. It is about the length of a credit card, maybe just a bit thicker than the key remote on your vehicle, and looks like a figure from your 8th grade Geometry class. It also comes with […]

Phorce Pro – Power All Your Gadgets With Your Briefcase

Battery backup systems like Mophie make the world go round, but they don’t do much for helping you carry all your devices. To be fair, most backup systems are meant to get the job done (power your stuff) and nothing more. The problem is… the bigger the backup battery system is, the more obvious it […]

Kero – Get Control Over Your Tech

I’m the kind of guy that is so focused on adding the next tech toy to my collection, that I rarely consider the problem of introducing yet another set of cables into my already over-cabled life. I’ve got so many cables floating around in drawers and closets, I am fairly certain that some of them […]

Grovemade Takes Your iPhone Back to Nature

Back in May, we reviewed the Grovemade iPhone dock and absolutely loved it. This month we have the ultimate accessory to go along with that dock. It is an iPhone case made of (you guessed it) 100% wood. Now, I will admit that I am guilty of having purchased many plastic and silicone cases over […]

Amazon Fire Goes Mobile With a Smartphone

Phones are heading towards three dimension capability. However, before we get there, the Amazon Fire mobile smartphone offers a ‘Dynamic Perspective’ that is unlike anything we’ve seen. What this enables you to do is pivot the phone to see other areas of the screen, as if you were literally peering through a window. The Amazon […]

Mophie Backup Battery Power for iPhone

There are times when a man’s phone dies, simply because he no longer wishes to speak to the person on the other end of it. However, for all other occasions, he now has Mophie to ensure that he always has plenty of juice for his Apple devices. This Mophie Power Reserve features a unique quick […]

Pizza Compass App is Worthy of Your Hunger

The last we counted, Apple had over 1 million apps for your smartphone, including ones that simulate a compass, and others that are designed to help you find food. However, little good any of these will do when you’re in serious need for a slice of cheesy baked goodness. Introducing the Pizza Compass app, whose […]

Moto 360 Watch is a Smartwatch That’s Truly Smart (and Stylish)

We’re at a point with smart watches, that it is time to pay a little less attention to their features, and a bit more on their style. Introducing the Moto 360 by Motorola. According to Motorola’s Jim Wicks, this will be a watch first, and a mini app machine second. What this means is that […]

5 Portable Speakers With Flare

We know that sound quality should be one of the most important aspects of a portable speaker. However, we also like them to have a little flare, such as these five options.   Pebble Aria Speaker and Charger Phone chargers come in all flavors, including whiskey (power flask). However, there are not too many options […]