Yohann Turns Your Macbook into a Workstation of Art

The Macbook and Macbook Pro are beautiful laptops, both in form and function. They are thin, sleek, compact, and powerful. But nobody would probably go as far as to call one a “work of art”. True. What about now? Do you notice the bold statement of how the raging machine is balancing among the precarious […]

Sexy HP MP Chronowing Watch – And It’s Digital Too

We would not consider a good portion of ‘smart’ watches to be all that smart. Especially when they leave off the part where a man’s watch is supposed to be handsome, rugged, and stylish. The MB Chronowing does not come with a full color digital layout or touchscreen capability, but it has class, charisma, and […]

Apple iWatch Heads Towards a Wrist Near You

This fall, Apple is rumored to be releasing their iWatch. The basic outline of this smartwatch could look somewhat like a bracelet. However, to give it style, Apple is supposedly going to raise the screen slightly away from the rest of its body. And speaking of its screen, not only is it going to be […]

Moto 360 Watch is a Smartwatch That’s Truly Smart (and Stylish)

We’re at a point with smart watches, that it is time to pay a little less attention to their features, and a bit more on their style. Introducing the Moto 360 by Motorola. According to Motorola’s Jim Wicks, this will be a watch first, and a mini app machine second. What this means is that […]

Smarty Ring Is New Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is all the rage these days. These are gadgets that not only function as technological aids to your daily grind, but also help you to feel cool, be tech savvy, and look fashionable while you’re on the go. So far, we’ve seen smart glasses and smart watches, and we knew that a ring would […]

Fitbit Says, Let the Force Be With Your Wrist

Quite frankly, we’ve lost count with the number of Fitbits floating around on the streets today. You’ve got your Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One; and then came along the Fitbit Flex for your wrist. However, if we learned anything from the film Star Wars, it is that there is one thing that is all powerful– […]

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Becomes Wearable Tech

Galaxy Gear by Samsung is a nifty smartwatch that not only helps you keep track of your day, it’ll help you look good while doing it. It features an ample 1.63-inch screen, 1.9 megapixel camera, and Android OS. The screen features OLED (Organic Light  Emitting  Diode) technology that allows for the thinest screen possible, enabling the […]

Why in the Hell You Need a Smart Watch?

Technology is advancing at a lightning pace. At least we hope it is advancing, and not just creating a lazier race of people. At this very moment, there are more gimmicks and gadgets than you could shake a laser wand at. However, while a smart watch may at first seem like just another retro-tech fad […]