Yohann Turns Your Macbook into a Workstation of Art

The Macbook and Macbook Pro are beautiful laptops, both in form and function. They are thin, sleek, compact, and powerful. But nobody would probably go as far as to call one a “work of art”. True. What about now? Do you notice the bold statement of how the raging machine is balancing among the precarious […]

Apple iPad Pro – Most Wanted Business Tech

The Apple iPad Pro just landed on our want list. Well, actually it was released on September 9th, but we’ve only just began to understand its capabilities. It is true that $800 for a ‘pad’ of any sort sounds a little excessive. However, with excessive power comes the possibility for new and better apps. But […]

Cargo Works Tactical Mac/Ipad Sleeve

In the urban jungle–man must face many enemies, including rain, dust, and his own occasional clumsiness. If you routinely bring either your Macbook (11 or 13″) or iPad with you on your daily missions into the city, make sure you are prepared with one of these tactical Mac/iPad Sleeves by Cargo Works. Not only are […]

iPad Fridge Mount

Where does your iPad go once you’re finished using it? If you’re like a lot of us, it probably ends up in the thirteenth realm (lost), where all our other lost stuff goes when we aren’t keeping track of it. They say the essentials to life are food, water, sex, and iPad, which makes a fridge […]

Apple Unveils the iPad Air

Air is an untold hero. It is essential to all life and gadgets, yet we rarely sit down to give it the credit it truly deserves. Well, today we praise Air in the form of the newest iPad. The iPad Air features the A7 Chip, which delivers up to two times the performance in a […]

New Potato FLPR Universal Remote Control for iPhone

As a man, it’s in our DNA to commandeer the remote control at every opportunity. And with the FLPR Universal Remote Control from New Potato Technologies you can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your new remote. Just download the app, add and select a device (like TV, DVD, etc) and brand, then insert FLPR in […]

The Screen Wars Heat Up with the Google Nexus 10

The 9.7-inch Apple iPad tablet has been outdone by the new Samsung-built Google Nexus 10. These boys have pulled out their measuring sticks, laid their manhood on the table, and Google has triumphantly exclaimed, “Mine is 0.355 inches bigger than yours!” Yes, the Google tablet comes with 2560 X 1600 resolution, and a screen that is exactly 10.055-inches in diagonal. Buy […]

Ipad Mini is Small in Stature But Big in the Britches

We are one business week away from the official arrival of Apple’s iPad Mini (Friday, November 2, 2012), which is the much smaller sibling of their blockbuster hit, the Tablet. At just $330 to $660, you might be thinking that its performance will probably be as minuscule as its 0.68 pounds, and 7.2mm thickness. Not […]