Google Chrome Pixel, We’ll Wait for the Sale

We love the original Google Chromebook. In fact, we would dare say you couldn’t find a better deal out there for a laptop. At just $250 (fully clouded) it can accomplish just about everything you need, and then some. When we heard that Google had decided to come out with something even better, the Google […]

The Screen Wars Heat Up with the Google Nexus 10

The 9.7-inch Apple iPad tablet has been outdone by the new Samsung-built Google Nexus 10. These boys have pulled out their measuring sticks, laid their manhood on the table, and Google has triumphantly exclaimed, “Mine is 0.355 inches bigger than yours!” Yes, the Google tablet comes with 2560 X 1600 resolution, and a screen that is exactly 10.055-inches in diagonal. Buy […]

Google Glass: A New Kind of Gadget

Every couple of years a new gadget comes along that causes the world to stand up and takes notice. The compass made its first public appearance in 1190, allowing sailors to know where the hell they were going. The radio was officially invented in 1885, and this technology would enable people to communicate without the […]

Google Glasses: Your Day Has Just Got Busier, And Perhaps More Productive

This T-101 Cyborg unit (Terminator movie reference) is ready for dispatch sometime in 2013 most likely. The new Google glasses will allow its wearer to find locations, view the weather, send text message, locate friends, and interact with the world, all from the sight (view controlled) and sound of your voice. This is a pretty […]