Tile Item Finder: Go Ahead and Lose it – They Dare You

Tile is one of the new and innovative ways to keep track of all your important stuff. You know, the stuff you take around with you everywhere you go, which makes it even more likely to lose. And it helps you keep track of the stuff that you share with other people. This makes all […]

Timbuk2 Prospect Laptop Backpack – A New Take on Tradition

When I need a new man bag, the events that get me from A to B usually entail lots of online window shopping. Then once I find a style I like, I make sure it has the right dimensions, features, and storage requirements. By the time I find something close to what I want, I […]

Google Chrome Pixel, We’ll Wait for the Sale

We love the original Google Chromebook. In fact, we would dare say you couldn’t find a better deal out there for a laptop. At just $250 (fully clouded) it can accomplish just about everything you need, and then some. When we heard that Google had decided to come out with something even better, the Google […]