Yohann Turns Your Macbook into a Workstation of Art

The Macbook and Macbook Pro are beautiful laptops, both in form and function. They are thin, sleek, compact, and powerful. But nobody would probably go as far as to call one a “work of art”. True. What about now? Do you notice the bold statement of how the raging machine is balancing among the precarious […]

Cargo Works Tactical Mac/Ipad Sleeve

In the urban jungle–man must face many enemies, including rain, dust, and his own occasional clumsiness. If you routinely bring either your Macbook (11 or 13″) or iPad with you on your daily missions into the city, make sure you are prepared with one of these tactical Mac/iPad Sleeves by Cargo Works. Not only are […]

Apple Unveils the New Mac Pro

Looking more like a nuclear reactor than a desktop, the new Apple Mac Pro teased onlookers at the Worldwide Developers Conference. “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,” said Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing. With its sleek 9.9-inch cylinder case removed, we can see that it has a triangular shaped inner chassis housing […]

Put Your Macbook on a Pedastool

The HiRise Stand for your Macbook ($70) is one of the best ways to elevate your Mac to a comfortable height (up to 6 inches), while keeping a cool look, and cooler operating  temperatures (thanks to the increased air circulation). It is designed to fit any Mac, from the 11″ Air all the way to […]

Apple HengeDocks Docking Station

Remember those lame docking stations? Well, this one’s cool! Up to last year, one of the best designs out there for the budget minded Mac user was a simple vertical stand. The only problem was, these damn things required you to plug all your peripherals in one… by… one. And that takes time, effort, and […]