The New Wearable Tech From Apple

Rumors are finally put to rest as we get a first look at the new iWatch from Apple. Does it live up to the hype? Read More to find out.

Apple iWatch Heads Towards a Wrist Near You

This fall, Apple is rumored to be releasing their iWatch. The basic outline of this smartwatch could look somewhat like a bracelet. However, to give it style, Apple is supposedly going to raise the screen slightly away from the rest of its body. And speaking of its screen, not only is it going to be […]

Smarty Ring Is New Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is all the rage these days. These are gadgets that not only function as technological aids to your daily grind, but also help you to feel cool, be tech savvy, and look fashionable while you’re on the go. So far, we’ve seen smart glasses and smart watches, and we knew that a ring would […]

Apple iWatch Will Be Next Pet Rock

What does the Apple iWatch and the ancient Pet Rock have in common? Well, they were both multi-million dollar ideas. In fact, according to analysts, Apple is likely looking at a $17.5 Billion dollar business over the first year of its introduction. These may seem like bold claims for a watch that has yet to […]