Nordgreen Pioneer Chronograph Watch: Sustaining Nature and Your Style

Purchasing a watch that can make you feel great about yourself is the end goal of any purchase, be it $100 or $3,000. Nordgreen has a unique approach to this. They enlist the talents of Danish designer, Jacob Wagner, to forge a watch that is simple, open, elegant, and unique. And then they pull together […]

5 Essential Skills for the Modern Man

Technology has changed the way we do a lot of things in today’s world. It’s made us more efficient and has made certain tasks easier. However, in spite of these advances and increased convenience, there are some things the modern man should always know how to do:   1. Shop for a Good Watch Mid-range […]

Braun BN0095 Prestige – Elegant Watch Without a Backdoor

There is something quite elegant about a watch forged from a single, solid piece of 43mm stainless steel. There are fewer screws, so the design is no longer a prisoner to the sum of its parts. There are fewer access points for the elements to attack, which means it becomes a weather fortress in art […]

The GMT Traveler Watch By Hager

Whether you travel a lot, or like to look like you do, the GMT Traveler by Hager has more than just a few things going for it. It comes with a 26 jewel HGR 60 automatic movement, 40 hour power reserve, luminous ceramic bezel, Novodiac Shock Absorber and the ability to keep track of the […]

Bremont Alt1 Watch – Swiss, Automatic and Loyal

The word loyalty is not often referred to when talking watches. But in the case of Bremont, their entire brand is based on the loyalty to the heritage of a pilot’s watch. They are individually crafted to be durable, reliable, useful during flight and last but not least – stylish. The Bremont Alt1 calls upon […]

Tempus Machina Reincarnates the Classic Rolex into a Modern Rival of Itself

The Tempus Machina Watch Company claims to be passionate about vintage Rolex’s, and their flagship release, the “Red-Depth” 216A Submariner is all the proof we needed to know they speak the truth. The 216A is “the perfect fusion of vintage and modern,” according to Tempus Machina. But what they’ve really achieved is to create a […]

The Waterproof (Practically Bullet-Proof) Apple Watch Case By Catalyst

The makers of the ultimate in iPhone adventure gear (Catalyst) have set their sites on the Apple Watch. What that means is that you no longer have to worry about taking your Apple Watch scuba diving, river rafting or even to a tropical rainforest downpour. You will still have access to its touchscreen via its […]

IWC Portugueser 75th Anniversary Watch – Going Back to Their Roots

IWC is offering up a 75th anniversary Portugueser watch, and while it is a brand new edition—you sure could have fooled us. This is because it features their classic railroad track dial and domed crystal case. It is a full 43-millimeters, which is the exact specifications seventy-five years ago. It is being called the “Hand-Wound […]

Miki Eleta’s Timeburner – Premier of the Internal Combustion Watch

The antique combustion engine is as much a marvel as any other form of technology that man has found a way to fit into a timepiece on his wrist. And Miki Eleta has taken the basic functionality of that very engine and found a way to make it possible to keep elegant (albeit, not so […]

Limited Edition Ulysse Nardin EL TORO

There isn’t likely a big enough room in the world to hold you and this legendary limited edition watch by Ulysse Nardin. It features a black dial, 43mm rose gold case, ceramic pushpieces and 34 jewel movement. It is self winding, self-inviting, and is certified with the infamous UN-32 COSC perpetual calendar. What makes a […]