Tempus Machina Reincarnates the Classic Rolex into a Modern Rival of Itself

The Tempus Machina Watch Company claims to be passionate about vintage Rolex’s, and their flagship release, the “Red-Depth” 216A Submariner is all the proof we needed to know they speak the truth. The 216A is “the perfect fusion of vintage and modern,” according to Tempus Machina. But what they’ve really achieved is to create a […]

Bamford Rolex Milgauss Aftershock – Yeah, We’re A Little Shocked

No every guy is going to appreciate the artistic embellishments that have been added to this classic Milgauss watch by Rolex. However, if the original is known to be “instantly recognizable at a glance,” we suspect this version is going to be worth a lot of second and third glances. So, what happened to this […]