Kantharos: Haute Horlogerie – The Watch You Never Knew Existed

There are BMW M3’s and then there are Hennessey Venom GT’s. The Kantharos watch is the equivalent to the Venom GT in that it is one of the most exquisite designs from an artist that actually knows a thing or two about dynamics. Christophe Claret is the resident craftsman behind this masterpiece, and let me […]

5 Watches That Stand The Test of Time

While most of us would love to own a Rolex, there are numerous other options when it comes to luxury watches for one to consider. It may be true that there is only one Rolex, but there is also only one you. To keep you as original as you were intended to be, we’ve come […]

Bomberg- the New Must Have For Watch Fetishers

We’re always looking for something different in the style regime, and these Bomberg watches might just be one of the best ways to get your 2014 off to a great start. We like the bold, classic, and rugged faces on these wrist anchors. However, we also like their distinctive band options, colors, sheer size (42-44mm), […]