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I’m the kind of guy that is so focused on adding the next tech toy to my collection, that I rarely consider the problem of introducing yet another set of cables into my already over-cabled life. I’ve got so many cables floating around in drawers and closets, I am fairly certain that some of them are beginning to form groups, date, and birth new cables, which explains why I have no idea where half of them belong.

This month I was introduced to a new product, Kero, and after putting them to the test with a combination of Apple and micro-usb devices—I think I can dump over half of my cables into the recycle bin and de-tangle a good portion of my life. Here was the secret to my success:

Nomad Cable

Kero Nomad Cable
The Nomad Cable by Kero is a simple idea with excellent execution. They have taken the standard USB to Micro USB cable (portable lighning to USB cable also available), shortened it to a compact and functional three inches, armored it with a flat, flexible, and sturdy connection cable–and added a loop on its interlocking cap to hang on your keychain.

This one cable can function with over half my favorite devices, and considering that it can fit just about anywhere, I no longer have to worry about tucking a spare set of cables in my device cozies. Yeah, a cozy—that is what I call all the separate neoprene cases I own to cradle, love, and protect my tech babies.

Lasso Cable

Kero Lasso Cable
Most of us guys know that three inches will only get you so far in life. And for those occasions, I no longer settle for average. They say that the average guy packs around six-inches of cable to hookup the majority of his tech devices, but these days I won’t settle for anything less than 10.

The Lasso Cable by Kero works with your iPod, iPhone, and iPad, offering a certified lightning connection that can extend your tech’s reach by a very generous 10-feet. It also comes with an attached Velcro cable tie, for when 10 is more than you can handle. I found plenty of uses for it while traveling this summer.

Cable Weight Management Dock

Kero Cable Weight
I will admit that I own a few docking stations that offer gimmicky pleasures, such as a retro-tech designs and a boom-box sound system. However, when it comes down to it, all I really need is a slick anchor that is compact, functional, affordable, and makes me and my iPhone look good.

The Kero Cable Weight is a nice little docking solution. I particularly enjoyed it during my aforementioned road trips this summer. It has a nice weight to it, considering it is made of a generous chunk of solid, machined aluminum. It is small enough to fit into the pocket of my Timbuk2 Messenger bag, and sets up in about three-seconds.

This dock enables me to view my clock app easily when in bed, watch videos hands free on the plane, and it also works as a compact paperweight when working outside on a breezy day.

To sum up: There is no one solution that will make your life easier. However, these are three solutions that can get you pretty far along towards that goal.

Get yours here.

Update: Kero is currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to fund a rechargeable battery that will ‘stick’ to your gadgets via micro-suction technology. This will merge your devices to this external battery backup, so that you won’t have to fumble two devices at once when you’re on the go. Thanks Kero.



About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.