Thync Wearable Tech Makes Your Brain Tingle


Is that a tingle in your brain, or just the new wearable tech device called, Thync?

The human brain is an amazing workhorse. It consumes 20 percent of your energy each day. In laymen terms, this is approximately enough energy to power a 20-watt appliance.

Considering that the brain uses energy to function, it is not a stretch to assume that electrical pulses sent through the brain in strategic places could alter your state of mind. The Thync device, which has been in development for a number of years, promises to do just that. It attaches to your skull, and is directed by an app that can be installed on your smart device.


Currently it is only able to alter your thinking to provide extra energy or calmness, but there is research in the works that will also incorporate creativity, focus and willpower. According to some of the initial reviews, the device does create a tingle to the brain, followed by what appears to be a wave of energy or calmness, depending on what you ordered on the app’s menu.

Thync app

The company’s executives think their product will one day be as common as energy drinks. Get the full story here.



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