Gravastar Mars/Venus Bluetooth Speaker Review: How a Beautiful Robot Destroyed My Marriage

I called our team last July to ask about the sound quality of the new Gravastar line of Bluetooth speakers we received for review. All I had seen was the box they came in and I was curious about the Mars Pro’s hefty weight of nearly 6 pounds, I figured that had to be a […]

Artificial Intelligence – Visions (Art) of a Dying Synthetic Brain

The Ultimate Tech (the kind that thanks you when you break it) In spite of what you may be hearing through the press regarding efforts to build synthetic brains, a small company in a sleepy Midwest town has found a distinct advantage. They have already produced contemplative, brain-like systems having ten times the neurons of […]

Robot Driving Companion for the Lonely

All those nights alone… Polishing their pocket pens… Blowing up their girlfriends… Sitting outside some sorority chick’s house in a Toyota Prius… Has finally brought them to this lowly state! Researchers at MIT are working on a new project dubbed AIDA, which stands for, Affective Intelligent Driving Agent. It is basically a robot companion designed […]