Kama Sutra for the Lonely and Loveless

Why should sexy couples have all the fun? Surely, there must be something for us lonely and loveless souls. Why, yes there is young grasshopper, and it’s called Kama Sutra for the lonely, and it goes a little something like this:

Boyfriend Body Pillow, Gives Us Guys Some Competition

It looks like us guys have got some competition… From what we hear, this foe always stays to cuddle after sex, listens without offering his opinion, and will watch back-to-back episodes of Pretty Little Liars without even uttering one comment about how lame it is. What’s more, during an emergency, a girl could slice him […]

Fashion Jacket to Hug the Lonely

Okay, so maybe this jacket isn’t exactly high fashion. However, if you routinely dream of hugging fashion models, and you have absolutely no chance of that ever happening, this may be the fashion statement you’ve been waiting for. When most guys think of a girlfriend coat, visions of grabbing their girlfriend’s jacket, so they can […]

Robot Driving Companion for the Lonely

All those nights alone… Polishing their pocket pens… Blowing up their girlfriends… Sitting outside some sorority chick’s house in a Toyota Prius… Has finally brought them to this lowly state! Researchers at MIT are working on a new project dubbed AIDA, which stands for, Affective Intelligent Driving Agent. It is basically a robot companion designed […]