Make Sexy-Time Easy with the WeMo Light Switch

You may be wondering to yourself, what possible use would I have for a light switch that is controlled via a Wi-Fi connection. For one, it is cool.  You can control any light switch in your house from your smartphone (Android or iOS device), and the installation is so easy, even a metrosexual can do it. […]

Morning Link Dump – July 16, 2013

When I was a kid, I never cared much for blueberry pancakes, even though everyone else seemed to think they were so great. As an adult, I still can’t stand them. This is why I am always skeptical when someone tells me that something is good for me. Yeah… that is great, but I think […]

Alarm Clock App for Your iPhone

So, you’ve already ditched your remote control, MP3/DVD player, book shelves, and digital camera. How else could you possibly simplify your life using your iOS phone? Well, the “Wake Alarm” is a new alarm app that doesn’t suck. It features a “spin” dial to set the time, a “swipe” to check the alarm, a “slap” […]

Plair… You’ll Want it!

How many of you play around with your little iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, or laptop, while there is a 50-inch flat screen television with surround sound, remote, and a comfy recliner, no more than 20 feet away? This is where a Plair comes in. You just Plug it into an HDMI port; download the app (mobile) or web […]

Man’s Travel Roundup

The man on the go has several things to consider before he sets off on a trip (be it business or pleasure). We’re talking about such common concerns as, which luggage to bring, how to entertain himself while waiting for the plane, and whether or not his luggage is even going to be along for […]