Your Ultimate Guide to Las Vegas

Remember Vegas? Since the pandemic, the streets have been a little sparse, but that also translates to some great rates if you’re ready to get back into the game. But let’s be honest here, Las Vegas can become your greatest endeavor or your worst nightmare. The difference relies on where you go, who you know, […]

Denver Night Club Guide

Clubbing in Denver can be a hit and miss experience. The biggest complaints from Denver nightclub goers is not having enough room to dance, the clubs are too far apart to club hop, and the parking can get a little expensive. Thankfully, there is a bundle of night clubs that are relatively close to each […]

Man’s Travel Roundup

The man on the go has several things to consider before he sets off on a trip (be it business or pleasure). We’re talking about such common concerns as, which luggage to bring, how to entertain himself while waiting for the plane, and whether or not his luggage is even going to be along for […]

Things to Do in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois is known as the “Land of Lincoln,” as it was the home of the beloved 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. The windy city is the third largest city in the US, and there is no end to its amount of entertainment value. Part of Chicago’s endearment to tourists is its […]

Where to Find the Hottest Women in the City

Okay, so we know there is a plenitude of hot women hanging out at the gym, college cheer leading squad, and waiting in line at the Botox booth of most beauty salons. However, these women also tend to be a little too “into themselves.” And most guys know that could possibly lead to… marginal sex, […]

Top 10 Guide to Living and Dating in Birmingham, Alabama

You can almost hear taps playing in the distance as your friends tell you about your chances of finding a decent date in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, it does have its flaws as any city does, but it’s got its perks too. Lend us your eyes for a moment as we go through the 10 most […]