Suspenders – Wearable Tech for the Modern Man (and Giveaway)

Benedict suspenders

Your granddaddy was way ahead of his time. Well—as long as he wore suspenders, that is. In fact, we’re about to argue that suspenders are as valuable today as any of the wearable tech you are currently using.

Why do we love suspenders so much? Let us count the ways:

1. Instant Masculinity

We’re trying to decide what gives the guy below the huge load of man stuff he is bringing to this picture.

bearded suspenders

Is it the beard or the suspenders? We say, both. Yeah, definitely both!

2. Covert Bulge Operation

The problem with a belt is that if you have any amount of a gut, it will eventually slip down until it is cradling your belly, creating an even bigger bulge than you should be held accountable for.

A pair of suspenders keeps your pants wherever you want without needing to cinch a belt too tight. This helps to even out your silhouette in the vertical line, which is another way of saying it helps to make you look fashionably slimmer.


We know that Leo has a bit of a ‘Dad Bod’ bulge these days, but under a pair of loose fitting pants and suspenders, he looks pretty darn slim and dapper.

3. Posture Perfect

Suspenders also help give your posture a bit of an edge. In other words, they can be used to help you stand up straight—Because if you don’t, you’re pants are going to fall down. Yeah, those suspender designers were way ahead of their time.

4. Wall Street Boss

The “Wall Street” look will never go out of style. You’ve got the contrasting colors, custom-tailored fit, clean lines… and the classic button-on suspenders.


Suspenders are what helps your suit look clean without the customary bunching of fabrics that happens with a belt. It is always the small (but important) accessories that make you look like a boss, whether you really are one or are just practicing.

5. Ergonomic Daily Comfort

If you were to ask which is more comfortable between a skinny leather belt cutting your torso in half and organ circulation along with it, or a pair of flexible leather straps hung gently over your shoulders? Yeah, I think we already answered that question for you.

6. Leg Stretchers/Symmetry Makers

With a belt, your kind of limited by where your pants can sit on your waist. It really depends on how your body was designed.

Suspenders Celebrity

However, with a pair of suspenders you can rock them low, in the middle or way up high. It’s all good, as you can adjust them to rest anywhere you like, no matter where your natural waistline is. This is great news for guys with an overly long torso or short legs, because they will make your legs look longer (proof above).

7. No Butt; No Problem

Not all guys were born with a butt. And when that happens, there is not a heck of a lot a belt can do to help keep your pants up. If this is the case for you, then a pair of suspenders is probably just what you’ve been looking for.

8. High Tech Survivor Gear

A pair of everyday suspenders could one day save you or someone else’s life, as they make a great tourniquet in a pinch. As a matter of fact, we’re fairly certain that MacGuyver could have built a battle cruiser using only a pair of suspenders (and some duct tape) with the help from the guy in number one.


MAZ7633_largeAnd to get you started with some of these high tech devices, we’ve enlisted the help of the experts at JJ Suspenders, who have recommended two suspenders that every ultimate man should own. We’re talking about a pair of everyday clip-on leather suspenders that can be worn with a pair of jeans, khaki’s or anything else you can think up.


MAZ7538a_grandeAnd for the more dressy or formal occasions, JJ recommends their Royal Sapphire Classic Navy Suspenders. These feature a Y-back design, leather detailing and are made in England.

And if you’d like these two suspenders as a gift set, we’re giving them away for absolutely free. All you have to do is enter our Raflecopter Giveaway below:

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