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Isaiah Webb - mr incredibeard

He might look like a young Rick Rubins, but Isaiah Webb (aka Mr. Incredibeard) has taken beard styling to new heights.

Isaiah Webb - mr incredibeard - style

We recently had a chance to speak with Isaiah and get to know the man behind the beard a little better.

Urbasm: What products do you use to style your beard?

Incredibeard: I only hairspray. I use tools like a curling iron, flat iron, blow dryer, etc., but the only product I need is hairspray. It works better than anything else, but it took quite a while to find the right one. Not all hairspray brands are created equal.

Urbasm: How do you maintain that chin fro so meticulously?

Incredibeard: I take more time taking care of this fury baby than most women do their luxurious hair. I use high quality shampoo and conditioner, as well as beard oil to keep it clean and moisturized (and smelling good). Then I use a unique hair brush that easily detangles my hair wet or dry (a critical need for any beard grower). I spent years researching the right products and sampling hundreds of them to find the best of the best. I gathered all the best products and sell them on my website Now men can buy all of the best products in one place. Plus, I’ve partnered up with World Vision so that a portion of the proceeds go directly towards providing clean water for children around the world. Lack of clean water is the leading cause of death for children in the world. We keep a counter of the amount of Children we have been able to influence on our website at the top right.

Urbasm: Is there something you’ve tried to do but haven’t been able to pull off?

Incredibeard: There are plenty of designs we have tried to create, but either had to wash it out and start over with a new idea, or we simply changed it midway through. I remember one time we tried to create a Chinese character, but it went downhill fairly quickly. Another one we created was a Snowflake. This was a great design, we had a mold we sprayed it into (something we’ve never tried before), but after we pulled the mold out, it completely deflated. We decided to change things up, and created our snowman beard after that failure.

Urbasm: How have women responded to your unique beard styling?

Incredibeard: Most women think it’s great, though there are those that don’t see the humor in it and think it’s gross. The truth is, most women see it and find a man who is confident in himself. Confidence and lighthearted humor in a man seems to be a great attractor of women. I know it has served me well in my marriage.

Isaiah Webb - mr incredibeard - noodles

Urbasm: What other culinary quests do you have for the beard bowl now that you’ve conquered noodles? Do you see chili or nachos as a future course to the beard bowl buffet?

Incredibeard: Ha, why mess with perfection? I try to keep things fresh. That is why our designs are always changing. After two different food designs we felt it was time to move on. If you get pigeonholed into one area, you can get old real fast. That is not to say something won’t inspire us in the future… but for now, there are no plans for food-incorporated designs.

Urbasm: What three things should every man know about his beard (that he may not already)?

Incredibeard: First, every man should understand that the hair on his face does need nurturing. Some men think they have to keep up that “manly” appearance by not using products. They think using products like a woman does, femanizes a man. But the truth is, the hair on your face gets beat up much worse than the hair on your head. This means, unless you take care of your beard, it will be hard, coarse and scratchy, instead of the soft and luxurious feel it should have (that most women like). Second, every man should know that “beard itch” is often a result of dry skin. Men can get dandruff beards because they don’t use safe moisturizing shampoos or beard oil. To get rid of the itch, all they need to use is some safe anit-dandruff shampoo (the one on my site is the best/safest around). Once the itch is gone, it’s easy to grow out the beard. Third, men need to know their beard is unique to them.

Not all beards look alike and not all beards are created equal. Many men have beard envy. The best thing to do is enjoy and be confident in what you have. A beard can be a great reflection of the man wearing it. What does your beard say about you?

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About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.

About Dr. Eric J. Leech

Eric has written for over a decade. Then one day he created, a site for every guy.