Best Bracelets for Men – A Wardrobe Essential

A watch is one of a man’s greatest fashion statements he can make to other men. It may only come second to owning one of this century’s 10 greatest cars, vintage classics, or most coveted convertibles. But wait one minute here, what about making a statement that speaks fashion to the world – including women, […]

Favorite Fall Sunglasses – SPY Malcolm and Whistler

When we think of Fall, we think of a cool ambiance, bright colors, and accentuating these with a pair of SPY Happy Lens Sunnies. Last month we were introduced to two new designs by SPY, and we absolutely love their cool retro styling, light frames, and vibrant lenses. And to demonstrate this love, we found […]

Mancessories – A Gentleman’s Guide to Accessories

Appearance matters, even for guys. You may not have learned this until you were well into your adult life, but it’s never too late to evolve from denim disciple to Dapper Dan. Here’s the guide you need to learn all about mancessories, or accessories for the discriminating gentleman. Crown Rings Thanks to Game of Thrones, […]

Star Wars Devon Watch – Because Unique is Rarely Subtle

Okay, so we’re not going to say it doesn’t happen… but usually you’re not going to find a unique men’s accessory that is also subtle. However, if you’re going to stand out, we figure you might as well give the gawkers a good reason to stop what they’re doing and stare. Cue the Star Wars […]

Aether and Salt Indestructible Scout Sunglasses

These Scout sunglasses are the glorious result of the cooperation between two sexy California brands, Aether and Salt. They are molded out of lightweight, beta-titanium frames, which makes them practically indestructible. Even the nose pads are molded out of titanium for increased durability and comfort. The lenses are both polarized and photochromic to ensure superior […]

Essential Men’s Summertime Accessories – Just Add Sun

If your summer has not yet found itself in full swing, may we help you along with a few suggested essentials that have helped keep our summer on track. And while it may be true that money can’t buy you happiness, it is awfully hard to be happy when you’re hot, squinting, overloaded, running late, […]

Ken Block is the New Face of Saxx Underwear

Ken block is one of the most awesome men we know. He’s been the face behind our favorite Spy sunglasses; he’s taught us how to ice skate and drift like a man—and this month he is demonstrating how to model underwear like one. “I never once in my life thought that I’d be an underwear […]

Spy X Richer Poorer Trancas – Manly Polka Dots

There are only a few occasions that we would recommend wearing polka dots, and Richer Poorer premium crew socks is certainly one of them. One other occasion would be the collaboration between Richer Poorer and Spy on a unique take of the Trancas from Spy’s Crosstown Collection, in which we’ve reviewed extensively before and are big […]

Suspenders – Wearable Tech for the Modern Man (and Giveaway)

Your granddaddy was way ahead of his time. Well—as long as he wore suspenders, that is. In fact, we’re about to argue that suspenders are as valuable today as any of the wearable tech you are currently using. Why do we love suspenders so much? Let us count the ways: 1. Instant Masculinity We’re trying […]

Best Sunglasses Under $200 – Spy Crosstown

Last year I thought I’d discovered the best sunglasses. The Spy Bleecker is stylish, well-built, incredibly clear and leaves you with a fantastic impression of the world around you. They do not over-color, over-shadow and are never over-bearing on your face. But I was wrong. These are not ‘the best’. The drawbridge has been let […]