4 Popular Types of Footwear You Should Know About

What you wear says a lot about you. The way you dress can send off just as many signals as the way you act, so it is important to always dress for how you feel and to dress the best you can no matter what the event or occasion. When it comes to clothing you probably already have your style established, but when it comes to footwear – what types do you lean towards? Do you have a go-to style or color that you always wear? 

Although a lot of importance is put on the clothing you wear, the same cannot be said for footwear, even though it is one of the first things people notice about you, or that you notice about them. There are, of course, lots of styles of shoes available, too many to mention here. But if you fancy finding out more, the folks at threadcurve.com/types-of-footwear/ always have up-to-date information about which shoes are currently available and what is on-trend.

Let’s talk more about the most popular types of footwear today and why you should be wearing them.

What’s in a Shoe?

At the moment a big eco and green movement is going on which is making brands and manufacturers reassess what is important within their shoes. One of the key areas that they are focussing on is the materials used. People are becoming more aware of how animals are being treated and so they are wanting to purchase items that are made with vegan-friendly leather, or products made out of alternative materials such as bamboo. So, with these developments, there have been lots of exciting and new ideas come to the market. Too many to mention but one thing is for sure is that there is at least one pair of shoes and one style that you will love and not be able to live without.


Every man’s wardrobe needs to feature at least one pair of sneakers, and most wardrobes should feature one for every occasion. Sneakers and trainers have come a long way from when they first came out and they were for athletes and sportspeople only. Now, most people think nothing of pairing sneakers, a t-shirt, and jeans to do the school run. It has become the normal thing to own sneakers, but do you have the latest trends in your wardrobe? From the must-have Nike Air Max to your favorite designer branded sneakers from Gucci, the humble sneaker has come a long way.

When purchasing sneakers, first and foremost, you need to know they will be comfortable and the perfect fit for you. If you are buying for social and every day, then you will be okay buying your normal size. However, if you are buying to exercise in then you will need to buy at least one size larger. This is simply because your feet sweat when you exercise, and this can cause your feet to swell, so sizing up will accommodate this.


From knee-length to industrial-style, boots are a must-have for men. Not only for comfort but for the style and visual appeal too. Industrial boots with steel cap toes can keep your feet safe and they can also make a style statement, should you wish to wear them in daily or general use.

Teaming Chelsea boots with jeans and a t-shirt would not look out of place on a building site or in a shopping mall which demonstrates just how versatile boots can be. The materials boots are made from include suede and leather, and non-animal products such as plastic. This ensures that you can always get the look and fit you want, whether you have narrow and long feet or small and wide feet because boots come in all shapes and sizes.


Whether high heels or low heels, heeled shoes are popular for men and can transform an outfit from looking normal to looking fabulous almost instantly. Whether you want to add a bit of height, or you want to look ready to tackle anything, heels are often the way to go.

Heel heights for men’s dress shoes can vary from half an inch on up, so you will always be able to find a heel to suit your height requirements. The important thing to remember about choosing the appropriate style and height is whether you need them to dress up an outfit for the evening or offer some extra ground clearance (a.k.a. self-confidence) for an important meeting/event.


Whether lounging around the house or lounging around the pool, sliders have made a huge comeback, and the good news is that they can even be teamed with a pair of socks and still look good! You can get all sorts of sliders from cheap and cheerful no-brand makes, to sports branded sliders from Nike to ultra-stylish sliders from Louis Vuitton. Sliders are functional and easy to put on so they are ideal for when you are in a rush, or even for if you have just come out of the hospital and are recovering from an injury. Sliders also allow free movement of your toes which is perfect for the upcoming summer.

With footwear there is no one size fits all outfit approach and this is very important to remember. You need to have the right shoes for the correct occasions. For example, even though you may love your sneakers it would not be appropriate or correct if you rocked them to a funeral, would it? Even though footwear is personal there is a time and a place to wear the footwear you love. As long as you remember this you will continue to love and wear all different styles and types of footwear that will compliment your outfit, your style, your mood, and how you want to feel about yourself and the day ahead.