Powerful Self Confidence Advice For Men


For some, self doubt can be debilitating. A constant ‘condition’ that can interfere with daily activities in a number of ways, from relationships to your career and everything in between.

You can gain momentum in the right direction with little things, like celebrating small wins. Building your own confidence incrementally, it can slowly remove anxiety of failure or whatever the case. When self doubt consumes you, overcoming it before things spin out of control is crucial to taking charge.

Any guy will tell you building self-confidence when you’re growing up is not an easy thing. Over thinking things and you eventually find flaws in practically everything.

Developing a mindset with an optimistic attitude helps with mind and body. With this, you develop social skills, style, along with self-esteem. With that comes better relationships and the confidence you may seek.

Things you don’t want do:

Get stuck in a comparison trap – this only leads to new issues creeping up on you and does not benefit you. Instead, focus on your own personal wins, how you’ve advanced, and even excelled.

Accept rejection as part of life – regardless of what someone said or did, there is no point in dwelling on it most of the time. You move on. If someone lashed out at you, it might not have been personally directed at you, they might be having a bad day. If you were rejected for a second (or even 1st) date, that person simply didn’t feel the connection, wasn’t enamored, or possibly something else. Most of the time, it isn’t personal.

Look at a setback as temporary. It can also be an opportunity to learn. Just don’t consider yourself a failure as it’s self deprecating and toxic.

Here’s something to look forward to. The older you get the less likely you are to give a f*ck over time. But another way to look at things is you have your strengths, and if self doubt gets in the way, you can improve on that. It’s a process, but it can be overcome.

Not everyone is born with confidence, and some have to work at it a little harder than others. Just remember there is a difference between confidence and arrogance, with the latter being less tolerable by others.


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