How a Man’s Legacy/Power is Etched onto His Skin with Jewelry

The naked body has been the form of much of the world’s greatest art and conversation pieces, but beyond those six-pack abs and body ink (i.e. tattoos), a man’s greatest opportunity to alter his character and legacy is to utilize the power of fashion. In particular, the man’s fashion accessory (or jewelry) has grown quite an interesting and effective means to both beginning and ending a man’s story.

As far as we know, the first use of a man’s fashion accessory happened over 130,000 years ago by Neanderthals. In particular, we’re talking about the discovery of a full set of eagle talons that have been suggested as being part of a man’s power bracelet or necklace. This display would be similar to today’s use of shark teeth or amber. In other words, those eagle talons were an outward expression of power, meant to express that man’s position in his society.

Further evidence dates back to the Egyptian kings and queens who were shown in pictures using flashy jewelry to express their status to the common man, but mostly to impress the Gods. Silver and gold catch the eye more than the color of skin or cloth and by having themselves brought into the limelight of a God, it was hoped they could maintain their favor and attention. Egyptians have also been credited with utilizing jewelry as a sort of good luck charm for better health, wealth, and protection from evil spirits.

Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers adopted a similar belief. In particular, they would wear cuff bracelets into battle to instill protection from harm. Later when a pirate’s body was found washed along a shore with jewelry, it was not for protection, but as a dowry of sorts. But rather than providing money in exchange for marriage, what a pirate desired was to have his lifeless body given a decent and proper burial, and that would be more likely to happen if he could provide for his own.

It could be said that a man’s jewelry has always signified his value to society in one way or another. Whether it was his value as a king, soldier, scallywag, or even a pimp daddy. So why some guys may argue over the use of a leather bracelet as an accessory and a Tudor Heritage Black as jewelry, the only argument worth winning is how to use these “tools” effectively in order to improve your chances of succeeding at every level of the game.

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