5 Best Sunglasses For Your Spring And Summer Flings

Old becomes new again as several of our favorite classic styles of sunglasses are revived for your Spring and Summer flings. We wear sunglasses year-round, but there should be something special about your Spring and Summer spectacles. They should be laid back, classic, functional, stylish and inspiring. Yeah, that is a lot to ask from […]

Hats Off to Goorin Brothers

The gentleman’s hat has made a comeback, and if you weren’t already on the train when it left the station back in 1885, Ben Goorin of Goorin Brothers. has sent another one around for you. But it’s not like there haven’t been plenty of opportunities. After the 80s band had their good hair day and […]

Man’s Boldest Accessory Is His Underwear – Don’t Blow it

What is one of the first articles of clothing you see in the morning, and also one of the last your partner will see before… ahem, going to bed? Give up? Alright, it’s your underwear. And have you looked at them lately? Because they might be in pretty bad shape. There is a myth suggesting […]

Under The Weather

Like many essentials, a man’s umbrella serves its purpose, but essentials and accessories can be every bit as stylish as well. A handsome umbrella for the discerning gent can help put a spring in your step, even during a downpour. Let it rain! Alexander McQueen Skull handle umbrella   The Alexander McQueen umbrella is certain […]

John Richmond Fashion Trainer Sneakers

We like John Richmond’s style, and his style must like us, since most of his accessories look pretty darn good on our person. And to let you in on a little secret; we’re fairly certain they will look good on you too. His style is a little bit rock and roll, with a touch of […]

Barrington – An Affordable Watch Winder Without Compromise

Gentleman, gather around, as we are about to get a little personal with your time piece. So, when was the last time you spent some real quality time with it? You know, took some time to wine’d and dine it? The watch aficionado spends quite a bit of time with his watches. But you only […]

Jackthreads Knows Jack About Your Style and Convenience

You like to look good, but you probably also covet your free time and having a wallet full of green stuff reserved for the weekends. What we encourage you to do is find a one-stop shop for all your needs at a price that you can feel good about. We’ve got one suggestion for you. […]

The Moschino Fashion Sneaker is Full of Irony

There is rarely much irony in a pair of fashion sneakers. However, with the Moschino Velour/Vitello’s, you get the feeling that someone might actually expect you to believe these are just a pair of rubber-soled sport shoes. Don’t be fooled, as these sneakers feature a classy mix of leather and suede, combined with the subtle […]

5 Best Wallets for the Minimalist Man

A bulky wallet is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Not only do they cause potential health problems, the rise in contactless cards and a growing emphasis on minimalistic style means people are opting for the bare-bones solution. The ever increasing number of crowdfunding sites may also be playing a part in this, as […]

The Walart is Pocket Candy for Your Ass

What if your wallet could become as much of an accessory to your style as a tie, cuff link, or watch? At $14.95 USD per wallet, we believe it can. “The Walart is water resistant, tear-resistant, stain resistant and idiot-proof,” says Walart. When you first receive yours, you may not realize how durable these actually […]