The Moschino Fashion Sneaker is Full of Irony

There is rarely much irony in a pair of fashion sneakers. However, with the Moschino Velour/Vitello’s, you get the feeling that someone might actually expect you to believe these are just a pair of rubber-soled sport shoes. Don’t be fooled, as these sneakers feature a classy mix of leather and suede, combined with the subtle […]

5 Best Wallets for the Minimalist Man

A bulky wallet is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Not only do they cause potential health problems, the rise in contactless cards and a growing emphasis on minimalistic style means people are opting for the bare-bones solution. The ever increasing number of crowdfunding sites may also be playing a part in this, as […]

The Walart is Pocket Candy for Your Ass

What if your wallet could become as much of an accessory to your style as a tie, cuff link, or watch? At $14.95 USD per wallet, we believe it can. “The Walart is water resistant, tear-resistant, stain resistant and idiot-proof,” says Walart. When you first receive yours, you may not realize how durable these actually […]