The Moschino Fashion Sneaker is Full of Irony

The Moschino Fashion Sneaker

There is rarely much irony in a pair of fashion sneakers. However, with the Moschino Velour/Vitello’s, you get the feeling that someone might actually expect you to believe these are just a pair of rubber-soled sport shoes.

Don’t be fooled, as these sneakers feature a classy mix of leather and suede, combined with the subtle Moschino logo and bold white highlights. This is why this men’s shoe has been known to confuse even the most savvy of sneaker snobs.

None-the-less, the true irony behind the Moschino sneaker–is despite what some manufacturers may claim, the most ‘simple’ and ‘classic’ styles still belong to the most interesting of gentlemen.

Get your Moschino’s here.

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